Monday, December 13, 2010

upcycling sweaters

reusing sweaters is such a fun thing to do! i've yet to finish my coat but when i do, i'll get a tutorial up about making it. in the mean time, here are some more ideas to get you started:

upcycled sweater house slippers:

crocheted edges
boot style
simple sewn
martha stewart style

they're back in style and even though i never wore them the first time round, i'm liking them now for use in ballet...upcycled sweater leg warmers:

button detail

and just not on legs...i love them on my arms because my sleeves always seem to be too short:

nice little fashion update and 'how to'

skirts from sweaters:

kids skirt from adult sweater

and a ton more links

fun sweater crafts

i highly recommend the sweater chop shop as well. it's got a lot of really neat ideas. check out that dress on the cover...the skirt part is made from 3 sweater looks warm and cozy, would be nice paired with some leggings and coordinating leg warmers!

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