Thursday, December 30, 2010

gypsy coat phase 2 - the hood

the hood was a bit tricky and the hardest part for me. once i got it connected though, the long part was easy.

i cut out a bunch of strips, using a combination of body part of sweater and dwindling down to various sleeve pieces until i got to the end. the final piece was a leftover strip that naturally curled so i sewed it to the point. i may put a tassle on the point but i'm not sure as i'm afraid it will drag the ground.
for the piece that framed my face, i folded over the strip and sewed it together. i left the ends hanging lose for quite awhile trying to decide how to finish the ends. i eventually cut them off and sewed them to the sweater body.
phase 1 - the sleeves can be found here. 

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Alan said...

Love the hood! Looks like something Dorrie (the little witch) would wear. Love the recycled wool. I've a 'new' pair of felted wool mittens made as a gift by my daughter. They are the warmest, and probably only cost $2.00 and her time. Keep it up!

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