Tuesday, December 7, 2010

refashion update

still working on my own gypsy coat and have the hood done. i don't have pictures yet, i'll get some soon and post them. in the meantime, i played with the serger and created this cute little coat for jaden:

this was made out of 2 sweaters...the tan one i showed a fews weeks ago and a stripy one i found last week at a thrift shop (i forgot to photograph the before of it but it was just a simple zip up sweater. the tans in both sweaters matches perfectly and jaden loves red so the red accent was a huge hit with her. i made leg warmers from the excess (you can sort of see them in the pictures...they are a bit big for her so i may sew them down a bit...)


karisma said...

Very cute!

jenny miller said...

Awesome! Have to collect more sweaters! LOoking forward to the pictures of your coat.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I LOVE this. Is it all freehand ordid you use a pattern of some kind? I have been on a thrift store sweater feen of late with making the hats and hand/wrist warmers and sweater leggings for my kids. Would love to make a few of these.
Can't wait to see your coat finsihed.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

ack. Had to reread and let my foggy brain digest what the pieces come from. I may have to do a little thrift store hunting for a sweater like the brown. I always find the open front long ones but rarely a long solid front. Thanks. Just more to add to the growing list of socks, hats,gloves and leggings from old sweaters. ;)

tansy said...

tammie - the longer sweater was actually an adult sweater...you might go that route if you are wanting to make these for your kids. ;)

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