Thursday, December 30, 2010

phase 3 - the skirt

i was intimidated to do the skirt and put it off for weeks. the hood i completed over a month ago and it just sat around.

yesterday, i was determined to start it. not only did i start it, but i completed it! i sewed the pockets on today and now it's ready for embellishing with embroidery and such.

i started by cutting out strips from the sweater bodies that were left over. since the hood and sleeves were mostly made from sweater sleeves, i had a lot of bodies to work with.

after i cut the strips out, i arranged them on the floor around the sweater. i rearranged until i liked the color arrangement then cut scraps to fill in the gaps of the shorter sweater pieces.

i sewed the strips that had 2 pieces together first then sewed sections together: 5 strips on each side and then the center panel. then i sewed the 3 separate panels together.

i then measured the body with the skirt size and realized the waist of the skirt would be too wide so i adjusted by sewing a few of the top panels into triangles by pinching and serging down the center.

i then trimmed off the body of the sweater as it was too long, intentionally cutting it shorter than desired so i could sew a contrasting panel for the waist. once the constrasting panel was serged on, i centered the skirt and started at the center and sewed out to the end and repeated with the other side.

once the skirt was sewn on, i carefully removed the pockets from the part of the sweater body i had cut off so i could reuse them on the coat. then i cut that panel into 3 strips and serged the strips together. i had to serge about 3" inched into the panel so it would fit so i cut the panel in half and serged the 3" piece into the center cuz i'm all about

then i simply serged the trim panel to the edge of the skirt and serged the edges all the way around the skirt.

the final step was to sew on the pockets and viola! my gypsy boho sweater coat. i LOVE it!!!
you can see phase 1 here and phase 2 here.


Maria said...

Wow!! Fabulous job!!! I love it!!

jenny miller said...

Awesome job, Kristine!

Gina said...

O, I love it! You are so, so incredibly talented! It looks wonderful on you (and I so want to make one too!)

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been admiring these coats on Etsy. I'm also a thrift store junkie and love to upcycle. Unfortunately, I don't own a Serger or a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch, so I'll have to try it by hand. Love a challenge! I'm also trying to make this as part of a Mardi Gras costume. Your blog has helped me visualize how to go about making the coat. Thank you for sharing your project! Great job!

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