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Culinary Herbalism Enrollment Now Open!

I'm excited to announce that K.P. Kalsa's course Culinary Herbalism through Learningherbs.com is now open! Enrollment will only be open through Saturday, April 23 so if you're interested in taking this course, sign up now! For the first 6 weeks of availability, K.P. Kalsa will personally be on the website answering any questions you may have. After that, access to the course will still be open but K.P. will no longer be personally available.

I am completely excited about taking this course and have already been enjoying the recipes offered from the first two videos. The great thing about this course is there is no time limit on how long it takes you to go through the course so you can work at your own pace while learning to create meals for yourself and your family that are not only healthful but healing as well.

Here is a list of the 10 lessons. Each lesson has a video, mp3 (of the video), transcript and homework page (in the form of recipes! sounds like excellent homework to me!):

1.  Herbs as Food    
Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Natural healing systems from around the world use food as a way to keep healthy and use taking herbal medicine as a way to concoct tasty, healing meals. 

• Herbs are foods
• Include healing herbs in your foods
• Healthy individualized eating
• Food and herb potency spectrum
• Food as medicine dining
• Culinary herbalism recommended books
2.    Preparations    
Many delicious foods are also healing. Therapeutic herbs can be cooked into tasty soups, breads and beverages. It takes creativity and a little know-how to decide how to best prepare each culinary herb.    
Kitcharee, the famous healing food from Ayurveda

• Healing bean dishes from around the world
• Herbal soups and broths
• Congee, the culinary herbalism superstar from Asia
• Herbs in bread
• Herbs as juice
• Healing herbal yogurt drinks from India
3. Basic Recipes    
Onion, garlic and ginger form the “trinity roots” healing trio from Ayurveda. Healing herbs taste great in puréed green vegetables. Healing herbs make great pesto.    

• The healing properties of onion, garlic and ginger
• Prepare puréed green vegetables blended with healing herbs
• Healing, delicious herbal appetizers and party snacks
4. Skin
Herbal medicine is a treasure trove of healing for the skin. Tasty culinary herbalism recipes make medicine delicious. 

• Vegetables for skin inflammation
• Culinary herbs as skin healers
• Root vegetables for liver and skin health
5. Digestion    
Fragrant culinary spices are big medicine in Asian herbalism. Use appetizing herbs to treat gas, indigestion, heartburn, ulcer, nausea and constipation. Enjoy your food while you heal your digestion. 

• Tasty aromatic spices for gas
• Teas and soups for digestive disorders
• Spices warm up slow digestion
• Soothing herbal food recipes heal a hot tummy
• Heal even tough digestive issues with culinary herbalism remedies
6.  Immune system    
Culinary herbalism heals the flu. Use yummy herbal teas for fever. Berries and medicinal mushrooms create a strong immune system.    

• Chilies for cold and flu
• Culinary herbalism for children’s immune systems
• Chinese herbs for flu and fever
7. Respiratory system    
Culinary herbalism can support long term respiratory health, and effectively treat respiratory disorders. Use a potent Chinese herb for postnasal drip and an Ayurvedic herb to release sinus congestion. Clear your breathing with herbal soups.  

• Treat sinus infections with culinary herbs
• Herbs for asthma and sore throat
• Food and herbs for runny nose
8.  Tonics    
In every herbal system, tonic herbs are the secret to staying healthy for life, and many are also tasty culinary herbs. Learn about health building foods and how to incorporate tonic herbs into your cooking.    
• Food and herb recipes for hormone balance
• Ginseng soup for stamina
• Herbal tonic soups
• Culinary herbalism sleep remedies
• Culinary herbalism for diabetes
• Chinese curative dessert soups
9. Musculoskeletal 
and Cardiovascular
Food and culinary herbs can keep your skeleton strong and your joints moving. Tasty recipes balance your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. You will want to eat them every day.

• Fruit soup for healthy joints
• Common kitchen spices for a healthy nervous system
• Herbal soups for a healthy heart
10.    Detoxification    
It’s the basis of every natural healing system. Culinary herbalism can make detoxification tasty and enjoyable. Use selected root vegetable foods to heal your liver. Prepare soups and curries to support your kidneys. 

• Asian culinary herbal vegetables for blood sugar & cellular  

• Common kitchen spices for cleansing
• Culinary herb teas and soups for the kidneys
• Selected grains for weight loss and kidney health

Hurry because they can only accept a limited number of enrollments and if enough people sign up before Saturday, enrollment will close early. It will be a long time if ever this course is offered again so sign up while you can!

For more information and to enroll, go here. And remember, if you do sign up, you'll also be helping to support my baby, Herbal Roots zine as I receive a commission for each sale which I am putting back into making my zine even better through better technology.

Thank you and I hope to see you there!

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