Friday, April 15, 2011

New Morning Tea

John has posted another quicky video over at Culinary Herbalism, this time on making yogi tea, a recipe given to K.P. Kalsa by his mentor. 

I used to make a similar tea but it had more ingredients than the ones listed and I never got around to mixing it because of the length of the ingredient list. I just brewed up this tea this am and it is very similar in taste (delicious!) but with fewer ingredients is much easier to make. I like mine sweet so I add honey. 

Check out the video and try it for yourself. There's even a downloadable file with the recipe on it so you can print and hang it on your fridge or where ever you can conveniently store it for using. And if you missed the first video that includes 2 yummy recipes for a completely nourishing and healing meal, you can click on the tab at the upper left side of the page to get back to that video.

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Anonymous said...

I have very bad fibroids and I don't want to have there any herb I could take to shrink them or do have any other ideas about how to shrink them...I would like any wisdom that you have.

Thank you,


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