Monday, April 4, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge #11: Write A Story

For the next two weeks, we are going to imagine what it’s like to be our ally and write a story about our ally. Susun Weed suggests:
Write a story from the point of view of your green ally. If you’re having trouble getting started, write a warm up page praising your green ally and telling him how much you like him and why.
Assignment 1:
To get started, write a love letter to your ally. Tell him or her how you first met, when you first fell in love with him and what it was about your ally that made you feel this way. List any details about how or when you first realized you were smitten and what you did to get closer to your ally. Write about how he makes your feel when you are around him or under his influence.
Assignment 2:
Make a list of everything you like about your ally: his personality, his strong points, how he works, what makes him tick. 
Assignment 3:
If you are still at a loss of what to write, look to Susun Weed’s book Healing Wise for inspiration. Read a few or all of the beginning entries titled “_________ Speaks” in each section to get a feel for how you would write from your ally’s point of view. Write what you think your ally would like to tell you if he or she could speak and what he would want to tell you or anyone else interested in him. 
Share one or more of your writings on your blog if you feel comfortable doing so. 
Assignment 4:
Continue meditating with your plant and journal your experiences. Note any changes to your plant in size, color, bloom cycle, etc. Pay attention to your ally’s journey of life.
Assignment 5:
Continue with your infusions, using your oils and vinegars and journaling about your experiences. 
(herbal faeries are made by my good friend rebekah of mulberry mudd. i think she captures their essence perfectly!)


karisma said...

Oh this sounds like fun. I just so happen to have just read "Dandelion Speaks" yesterday and loved the fun of it. Ze Dr was very entertaining. I am totally going to read it to the kids too.

I am glad you posted a link to your friend as those faeries had me totally distracted. I had to go back and read the challenge all over again as I was wondering IF you made them and thinking how wonderful and beautiful they were. Your friend is truly talented. :-)

Hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this challenge! Right up our alley! :)

(and Goldenrod)

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