Monday, April 4, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge #9 Completed

I've been going through my Ally journal to review for my self and for writing next month's Herbal Roots zine issue which is on Nettles. It has been great refreshing my memory on everything I've read and learned about and discovered in the past 3 months with Nettles.

My seedlings sadly aren't doing too well. There may be 1-2 seedlings that have actually sprouted. I'm not giving up on them yet though. I continue to water them and hope they will sprout. Time will tell.

I use the vinegar when I can to incorporate it into meals. I tried doing the spoonful in water but it was harsh. It made my stomach turn so I stopped because I truly do not want to turn myself off to the powers of vinegar. Instead, I turned to salad dressing making.

I used a basic method of simply splashing olive oil and nettle vinegar directly on a salad to eat. It was alright but nothing spectacular.

This weekend, I made some delicious spring salads that the family raved over. I took to the yard and harvested burdock, violet and lamb's quarters sprouts which I thoroughly rinsed and added to a spring salad mix. I chopped up strawberries and orange slices (leftover from a kid who didn't finish them off) and tossed them in the salad along with almonds and gorgonzola cheese. Then I mixed together some homemade apricot jam and nettles vinegar for a dressing.

Oh My Yum, was it good!

I'll continue adding nettles vinegar to dishes to try whenever possible. I've just started harvesting nettles so I'll be adding the vinegar to steamed nettles soon.


karisma said...

Oh that salad does sound yummy. Whenever I don't like a vinegar dressing, I just squeeze a little lemon into it. For some reason I like the flavour. Some say you should use one or the other but I quite like them together.

Anonymous said...

nettles vinegar...yum! a different kind of yum, but still yum. like my body needs it sort of yum... Thanks for another awesome post!

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