Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2007 goal review

long overdue, my 2007 goal review.

-make all gifts & cards throughout the year
-hold a yard sale
-grow hay and grain for animals (so-so on this goal. we harvested some hay but not what i had hoped for
-purge all items two times (made it through 1 time)
-make items to sell at (didn't happen)
-focus more on preparedness (in progress)
-rain barrels (didn't happen)
-upload photos to snapfish and print (didn't happen because computer crashed and all photos were on that computer)
-write herb class for babies/kids (didn't happen)
-contribute articles to herbal magazine (at least 3) accomplished it twice
-start writing book (didn't get far)
-root cellar (didn't happen)
-bigger hoop house this fall (we found a cheap-o greenhouse which sucked and blew apart before summer)
-spend better time with the kids
-family game night once a week (happened for about half the year)
-start rent-a-chick program
-give the kitchen a face lift & make it central part of house (still in progress, waiting for wainscot to be installed)
-rebuild herb spiral and add water pond filled in, will try again next year
-paint dining room and install chandelier
-sew my own clothes (made quite a few things)
-preserve more food (didn't happen)
-build 3 more raised beds (didn't happen)
-move upstairs rooms around br/>
-be a better person, more respectful, cheerful, caring (i think i made progress on this)

2007 wasn't very goal friendly. this was mostly due to having sage around.

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