Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my household binder

i have always been enamored with household binders. for the past few years, i have used one i created but found its size cumbersome so i never used it to its full potential after creating it.

recently, i found a blog where someone had created a half sized version of it. i tossed the idea about for a few weeks...should i invest the time needed to create many half sized pages or stick to what i had started? after agonizing over it, i threw caution to the wind and took the plunge. i spent $5.50 on the binder and $3 on a pack of full sized tabs which i took home and cut down.

i created 9 main sections (i may add more later) using these tabs:

general planning is divided into the months. each month has a monthly calendar and my own weekly to-do creation based on this full sized one. there is space on the back of the monthly to write my goals for the month which is nice.
my to do list pages
meal planning consists of:
-my shopping list page that i created
-a page with a list of entrees, sides and starches for reminders on what we like to eat and to provide a variety of choices
-a menu calendar (basically a blank calendar that i can write in meals for each day. i also write in if someone won't be home for dinner ie. older kids at their dad's/mom's, greg at a meeting, etc.)
-4 sub-sections full of recipes: entrees, breads, sweets, sourdough
-master pantry list (a list of staples we have on hand at all times)my shopping list pages that can be cut off as needed

household info:
-8 zone sub-sections: my focus cleaning for each week. i rotate through each zone each week so each zone is hit every 2 months. they are: kitchen/basement entry/closet, dining room/downstairs toilet/front and back porch, playroom, living room, stairs/hall/upstairs bath, our bedroom, kids bedrooms, basement
-seasonal chores, reminders of what to do when
-storage info to remind me where i stash the off season clothing. believe me, i need this
-kids master chorelist, a list of what all they can/should do

-quick find list of important numbers and account numbers if applicable such as boiler repair guy, utilities, doctors, schools, savings accounts, etc.
-address book
-directions to seldom traveled to places (homeschool meeting locations, fellow goat people, long distance relatives that get visited once a year)
-b-day/anniversary list
-book/dvd wish list for rentals and purchases
-holiday gift idea/purchase/made list

-goals for the year
-wish list/need list (great for garage sales and thrift shops)

-account info
-egg and milk sales

emergency preparedness:
-first aid info
-emergency prep info: 72 hour kits, meal kits, etc.

-campling check list (we take the same things every year and every year i wish i had one of these)
-housesitter info
-vacation spot ideas/things to do and see
-vacation menus/recipes (we always camp when vacationing)
-food checklist (tried and true snack foods for the trip to/from as well as what to buy to use for cooking the above menus/recipes)

all the pages i created are on half sized paper. i just cut it with a paper cutter and then put it in my printer. i've been decorating the tab pages with cut outs from magazines that i got at the library book sale for 10 cents each. i'll post more finished pages as i get them done.
my kitchen zone section cover. i added a loaf of bread at the top...

so that's it in a nutshell. it is not completed yet but i've got the main portions done that are used daily. i'm finishing up the zones and then i'll head on to the other sections.

i think the reason why i like this size better is because it is like a day timer i used to use in my working days. it's small enough that it fits into my bag and light enough too.

i plan to find some lovely fabric to sew a cover with handles. that should be hard to decide on!

ps. diyplanner has some planner pages for half sized (classic) binders.


Kathie said...

Just Awesome! Congrats on the binder and the chore board. That's a great thing I wonder if I could do a chore board for the board of directors I work for...

Gina said...

I've already told you this, but I love your binder! Thanks for the inspiration to actually get mione finished!!!

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