Wednesday, January 30, 2008


caleb's section: the stars represent the chore is done

jaden's chore section. mostly in picture form since she can't read yet. also, the purple tag marks the day of the week since she doesn't know them yet.

here it is in all of its glory. i have it divided into 6 sections: 5 for kids and 1 for my spare parts section. right now, it's a bit rough. sage doesn't utilize his section since he is only 17 months and would rather eat the tags than flip them over. plus, he doesn't really do any chores at this point.

the tags are comprised of several different pieces:
-white tags that say in either words or pictures what the chore is on one side and have a star or smiley face on the other side. kids flip them as they do their chores;
-red tags represent pay the maid/chef/waitress/etc. if someone doesn't do their chore and i do it for them
-green tags represent computer time: complete all available chores in a given day correctly and they get 30 minutes of computer time to be used that day or saved up
-yellow tags represent 'checked by mom' meaning i noticed a chore wasn't done right. chore must be redone or they lose their green tag for the day
-blue tags represent extra chores done. right now, this is only for my 10 year old daughter. she is a big harry potter fan and has become highly motivated to do additional chores to earn some cash to buy some harry potter stuff. she can earn up to $2.50/week. it's a win-win situation: she does some of my work which makes my day easier and gets money to save up towards buying the golden snitch

so far, so good! i don't have to remind them what needs to be done, they can see it on the board and do it.

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