Wednesday, January 30, 2008

autumn goals

i fell behind on updating my goals for autumn and forget about winter! i am hoping to get back into the swing of things. i haven't been on the computer much lately due to an overactive toddler who is into and onto everything he can be. i'm waiting for the day i walk into the kitchen and find him on top of the refrigerator or at the top of the pantry shelves. i only slightly jest about this.
busted! attempting to destroy what's left of our thermostat

anyway, a rundown of autumn goals:

-find doors for kia so it can be repaired still searching
-pot up annual plants/herbs and bring inside
-3 lessons (actually 9) of unit 2 in rosetta stone no such luck, this is on a back burner for now
-finish working on plans for garage renovation (to become my apothecary)
-decide if i want to start michael moore's correspondence course or do online nursing classes (i think i'm going to lean towards nursing right now to get a better idea of how the body works) neither right now, i'm doing home study
-look at some more suburbans (we desperately need a vehicle to haul the 8 of us) waiting on finances to afford this goal
-start getting back into focus in my life
-solstice gift list (ugh, i am so not into it this year)
-herb seed/plant shopping list

so, as you can see, now very productive on the goals for autumn! hopefully, what's left of winter will be more productive...


knitsteel said...

Is he trying to turn up the heat? I guess he doesn't know how much propane costs yet.

tansy said...

he actually got the mercury bar stuck in a down position which caused the boiler to run even after i moved the dial back down to the lowest setting. it took me awhile to figure out what he did so i could correct it.

he just likes to wreak havoc. his daddy always says go with your strengths and he does that quite well!

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