Thursday, January 29, 2009

what a night

yesterday, jaden woke up complaining of a bellyache. she had had the same complaint the night before too. she barely ate all day and keep falling asleep sitting in chairs. she never naps during the day, even when she's sick. the the fever hit. and she cried. when i asked her where it hurt, she rubbed the right side of her tummy. i called greg who was at work with the truck and carseats and he hightailed it home.

after calling her doctor, who agreed it needed checking out (but was too far away for us to get to as it was closing time for her) we headed to the hospital with jaden and sage, leaving the older two at home to finish dinner and watch lavender. we arrived at 5:30.

at 7:30 we finally got seen and was told by a nurse that he'd have some cultures run to test for a virus. wtf? i said to him, so you don't think it might be appendicitis? he mumbled something about the pediatrician on staff would be in soon and fled. he never came back in again and another nurse took over (it wasn't a shift change, he just stopped seeing us, he was still wandering the halls after that.) the new nurse took us more seriously and asked a series of questions. the doctor got to us around 830pm. funny how we kept being asked the same questions over and over again...diarrhea? no. vomiting? no. sore throat? no. runny nose? no. on and on. didn't anyone actually write this info down?! it was insane. so the doctor said definitely something, either a uti or appendicitis. finally!

sage was going nuts at this point. mind you, we've had no dinner and he's not napped all day. we were told we wouldn't be leaving until at least 11pm as she wanted to do urine and blood work and a ct scan. so, i took sage home to get to bed and get some dinner and left greg with jaden, very reluctantly.

i forgot to mention that during the initial part of this, my daughter called to inform lavender had died. so, i had a dead goat in my kitchen and a sick kid in the hospital. oh, the joy.

i went home, got sage into his jammies, nursed him to sleep, ate a couple of hard boiled eggs and a bagel and then flew off to the store to get ice cream. greg had called while i was getting sage to sleep, jaden begging me for ice cream. the store, who's sign says open daily 7 a to 11p was closed. CLOSED. at 10:20pm. agh! so, i had to drive a few towns over to walgreen's, the next closest place. then, back to the hospital. about 5 minutes after i walked in, they came to take her to do the ct scan. that was at 10:40. then more waiting for the results.

everything came back negative except the urine. hooray! it was a uti! she gave us a prescription for a really nasty antibiotic and wanted her to take a dose last night. greg wanted her to have it even though i was against it. we went back to that walgreens to fill it and while we waited, i read off the list of horrorific side effects (including death). that was enough to get him to agree to wait and call the doctor today and discuss the necessity of this crap. so, the cranberry juice (no sugar added kind) is on the counter and waiting for her to wake up. not to mention a whole slew of herbs for teas and in tincture form to take.

we got home around 1230 last night. it really is sad the way our health care system is set up, all aspects of it. it is ridiculous to force tired and hungry kids to go hours without any relief like that. there has got to be a better way.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Poor baby! I hope she gets to feeling better really soon. Sorry about Lavender. :(

Mist said...

Yikes. What a dreadful night. I'm glad it was only a UTI for Jaden and not the appendicitis. Still, no fun at all.

So sorry about Lavender.

MeadowLark said...

Oh, that's terrible. Good that it's "solved" but horrible to go through. Take a deep breath and let our warm thoughts and love flow around you. (cause that's really all I can offer)

Maria said...

UGH! How frustrating!! I'm glad to hear it was something fairly simple!! Hope she's feeling better soon.

I'm sorry about Lavender. Do you think you will autopsy to see what was really going on?

Anonymous said...

Sending some healing vibes! Hope she gets well soon. Sorry about Lavendar, I know its heartbreaking.

comfrey cottages said...

hope jaden feels better soon dear. sounds like you are ready with good natural relievers for the uti. so sorry about lavender. and sorry you had such a frustrating experience. there should be a better way! wow, what a nightmarish nite!45 hugs to you from me

comfrey cottages said...

hope jaden feels better soon dear. sounds like you are ready with good natural relievers for the uti. so sorry about lavender. and sorry you had such a frustrating experience. there should be a better way! wow, what a nightmarish nite!45 hugs to you from me

fullfreezer said...

So sorry about all of it. I hope she is feeling better soon. It's too bad about Lavender, I know you really tried. Take care of yourself too. All you need is to get run down and stressed out and then get sick yourself- but, I know I'm guilty of doing exactly that myself- so Take it easy!

Gina said...

O, so sorry to hear about lavender!

Poor Jaden! I agree out healthcare system (especially ER) is odd. No one seems to rush to care for you, but you are always told to hurry to the ER.

Watch that UTI. My mom had one a few weeks ago and it put her in the ER with an oportunistic bacterial infection (e.g. one that attacks when defenses are down). Of course, she has many other health issues and Jaden is a healthy little girl.

Cranberry juice ought to do the job!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Sorry about Lavender, it is always so hard to lose an animal like that, leaving so many unanswered questions.

Your ER visit unfortunately sounds too familiar. They seem to move so slow, and they never listen. I hope Jaden feels better soon, and ditto on everyone's advice to take care of yourself!!

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