Friday, February 6, 2009


today was a beautiful day. i hung 2 loads of laundry on the line to dry and got to practice my throwing knives. i do better when i throw the knife by the blade than when i throw it by the handle. go figure.

i also spent some time listening to a french cd. it's michael thomas' speak french. it is supposed to teach you without writing or memorizing. you're just supposed to relax (ha) and repeat what he says. so far, it's been fun. i'm trying to figure out a schedule to work with the kids both in spanish and french and feel more comfortable learning it myself first so i at least have a basic foundation in it. spanish i am more familiar with, i had 2 years in high school and i have the rosetta stone cds which i LOVE. but, i cannot afford them now so i'm at the library's loan system's mercy on what i can choose to learn french with. i have a whole bag full of french cds and other programs waiting for me to pick up at the library tomorrow. they must think i'm insane! if not now, when i start requesting the latin stuff they will be!!

we are trying to get back into more formal homeschooling, sitting down every day and working on copywork, reading and math. once i get my tax refund, i plan to buy the primer math-u-see plus the manipulatives. this fall we can 'officially' start kindergarten so i'm trying to take my time and select curriculums that will appeal to us and work with our lifestyle.

i had more to say but my kids have successfully driven any train of thought i had out of my head.


Anonymous said...

Tansy, I have a whole set of Primer MUS and manipulatives. Never opened. Let me know, I would love to sell them to you at a discount. It isn't right for my dd and keeping it for my 2 year old son doesn't seem sensible.

feebeeglee said...

I covet MUS, but Bede would never, ever in a million years let us use the manipulatives.

Let us know how they work for you guys. They sure look cool.

CatHerder said...

youre a knife thrower too?? WE have our target set up in our garage on the back wall, and we stand in the driveway....i CANT throw it by the blade, my son throws it that way though...we bought some throwing stars last summer too, those are pretty cool, but archery is still my fave.

tansy said...

nina - i'm definitely interested! i keep trying to buy it on ebay but it's a losing battle. they want ridiculous prices for them.

fee - that's too bad that you can't try them out. what program do you use for math? i am excited to try them, i think jaden is going to have a blast with them.

catherder - i'm a novice, just got my set of knives for solstice this year though greg's thrown for years. this was actually my first time throwing and i said i wouldn't quit the practice until i sunk all 3 knives into the tree. i was dodging the sun in my eyes and snow on the ground (while wearing sandals, crazy, i know) but i was hitting the same mark every time, just not with the right part of the knife. the last time i actually did get them all in then the top one fell off and knocked the bottom one out. that counts in my book! :D

ooooh, throwing stars. sweet. i'll have to look into those. i love archery too but haven't found a bow that works with my size and weight. i probably need to check out some junior bows.

feebeeglee said...

We use Singapore. We like it fine. I'm biding my time til we can do Teaching Textbooks, which look great. Faith is almost there...

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