Thursday, February 5, 2009

it's almost friday already?!

got to see benny and joon for the first time last night. i heart johnny! there hasn't been a movie with him in it yet that i haven't liked! my favorite at the moment is once upon a time in mexico. and chocolat. love. and ninth gate...

ok, geeking out over!

sage burnt his hand on the woodstove today. poor guy, it's pretty bad, on three fingers, 2nd degree. he cried a long time. well, at first, he was ok and didn't act too upset so i neglected it thinking it wasn't too bad. then he started crying so i got out our boo-boo bear and once that warmed up, ice wrapped in a gerber diaper. then nursed him to sleep and all is well now. but he has a nasty blister or two. he knows to stay away, i think he must have fallen onto the stove when he was goofing off near it.

jaden is all better now. i've been making sure she poos daily to keep her systems working properly. 4 is a rough age...starting to hate all the foods you've loved up until now. where do they get that from?!

i spent too much time today tethered to the computer trying to get a custom order created. not something i normally do but it was a request for daily to-do sheets for someone i'd been convo-ing for over a month. originally she thought the size she needed was just a smidge smaller than what i made...turned out, it was half the size of what i made so i ended having to create a whole new thing. lots of pages. but, it's all good. i probably made about 50 cents an hour on it but oh well, live and learn! it's done and waiting for her to pay so i can send it on its merry way.

spring equinox is fastly approaching so i've been working on gifts for the kids' treasure hunt we do each year. i purchased a crinkleroots figure for sage and a fairy for jaden from one of my favorite etsy sellers, mamakopp. her wood figures are amazing! she lives about 2 hours away from me but i'll never get to meet her because she's getting ready to pack up the house and move to oregon. my loss. she is a sweet soul. but, hey, we've still got etsy and anyone can buy some of her awesome creations!

i had a dream last night one of my sheep had twins. i'll take that as a sign that i need to get out there daily and start checking on them. i've been watching them and i think the one in my dream was the one i noticed was bagging up udder wise. it's hard to tell if a sheep is pregnant because they have all that wool. especially the ones we didn't get to shear. they are so fluffy anyway, any extra bumps are hidden under all that fleece.

it's been cold here but is promising to warm up. looking forward to it, we have a dozen broilers we still need to butcher. and a goat too. but, i'll be happy to butcher the chickens! tabitha turned me on to building a chicken plucker. i will definitely be looking in to this. since this is my job, i'd be happy to shorten it any way possible!

i got a great suggestion for improving my herbal roots book for kids. please express your opinoin by taking the survey on here to let me know it's a great idea or not...see the side bar!


Anonymous said...

Tansy, I must have found your blog through Lorilee's blog. I have been reading for a while.

I just wanted to tell you I was the other person who bought Crinkleroot from Mamakoop. My figure arrived today and I am over the moon. I told my five year dd that she couldn't play with it for a while because it was mine. lol Sage is a lucky boy.

I'm standing right this minute gazing at him while I type. The workmanship is amazing.

I hope your little guy feels better soon.

Gina said...

We have the Johnny thing in common! I love Benny & Joon.

Ah, Spring Equinox seemed so far away a week ago or so, but it is right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

i really dig the seasonal aspect of herbal roots, but i guess that changing it wouldnt ruin that, i could always choose which season to use what. whatever you do, i would like the first issuance to coincide with the seasons they are growing or harvest time iykwim.

i also love all those movies.

karl got the 'fingers' for our plucker yesterday! exciting stuff!

hope sage is on the mend...

tansy said...

tabitha - sage is better, thanks!

i totally agree with you on the seasonal aspect. that's a flaw of mine when doing my study group is trying to find herbs that fit the season i'm teaching them. so, for the most part, all the herbs i write about will be in season. winter will be partly the exception as there just aren't enough herbs growing during the winter to continuously write about them so i'll pick herbs that are more adjustable such as marshmallow.

and then, there's always the difference in seasons for different locations which i'm trying to accommodate as well.

yay fingers! i can't wait to see the plucker! i need to show that to greg, i keep forgetting.

gina - he's just too cute, isn't he?!

yes, seasons are flying by.

nina - i love all of lorilee's work. i wish i were rich so i could buy, buy, buy....for the kids, of course..cough, cough! :D

thanks for the well wishes. he's doing much better today!

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