Sunday, February 8, 2009


can anyone recommend any european blogs to me? i'm particularly interested in france and england, blogs about homesteading, homeschooling, and life on those countries.

been busy making more tins! this first one was with a dilbert mint tin, they are shorter and wider than the altoid's a tooth fairy tin! inside sports a silk pillow hand sewn, stuffed with wool from our sheep and embroidered.
this next one is called wish! it has butterflies and angels on the outside and a make a wish collage on the inside. it is an altoid sized tin.available at etsy!


Alan said...

I usually read in france and in england. neither one are exactly what you are looking for, but they are interesting gardeners and might have some links to others with kids and homeschooling etc.

Sarah said...

Have a look at mine and see what you think. I also have a herbal website, which has stories and poems as well as herbs etc

Some of the people who follow my blog also live in the UK and I think one is a homeschooler.

Robbyn said...

Tansy, here are some of my faves from across the pond, everywhere from the UK, european continent, and NZ...
off grid in france, potager gardens, handmade home, love this site!
ireland, crafting, self-sufficiency, children
children, cooking, traveling with large family, fun!
self sufficient couple, homestead, baby, New Zealand
beautiful english farm life, traditional ways, cooking
Bifurcated carrots site, great seed and plant info, european continent
England, backyard garden, lovely!
France (Provence), all about potager gardening, lovely weeklies called "postcards" about that week's seasonal foods, happenings, gardens in Provence...gorgeous settings

Those are a few I love :) Hope you enjoy! P.S. My friend LOVED the butterfly tin!! :)

tansy said...

thank you everyone for the links! it has kept me busy searching for all sorts of blogs! lots of great choices. :)

sarah, your website looks great! i'll be digging into it more when time allows.

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