Wednesday, February 18, 2009

refashioning: how i'm slowing down my wardrobe

we (mostly) have enough clothing to keep us going for several years thanks to thrift shop finds. there are a few gaps i'll have to fill, but i should be able to handle most of them with what's lurking in the corners of our house:

>i love sewing dresses for jaden and she loves for me to do so. i'm milking it for all it's worth. i often take old work shirts of greg's (a colored one) and pair it up with some patterned material. lots of fun options there!

>my 2yo is going to be needing some more undies soon. awhile back, i bought some brand new xxl boxer shorts at the thrift shop because i liked the pattern (why is it that boxers have the coolest print patterns???). i plan to sew him a few pairs of boxer shorts this spring using those boxers. i need to work out a pattern, i believe i've seen patterns online, i just need to scale them down to fit his cute little butt.

>greg is hard on his wool socks. i'm going to start darning them! i found a great tutorial on youtube (of course) so i plan to try this. first, greg has to make me a darning mushroom. he has actually requested i darn them which shocked, well, the socks off of me! so, again, i'm going with the flow here.

>nina needs a nice jacket/sweater for an uncoming model un conference. i hope to use one of my old suit jackets from my office working days and slim it down for her. i have to get on this asap as the conference is on the 26th. of this month.

>i already mend greg's work shirts as much as possible using the iron-on type fabric patches. i also mend his jeans, usually sewing on fulled up sweater scraps. i recently bought some tear mender type fabric glue and i'll try gluing on jean patches as well.

>for myself, i have plenty of clothing but my problem is my kids tear them up. anyone else with toddlers out there that experience this? all my skirts are stretched out and ripping because they pull on them and all my shirts are stretched out at the neckline mostly from curious hands while nursing and curious hands of weaned kids who still like to check to make sure the boobies are still there, even though they don't have a use for them anymore. i need to be more conscious of only wearing 'good' clothing when i go out and be more vigilent about taking them off immediately upon returning home. that will help them last much longer!

anybody else stretching their budget by crafting their wardrobe?


Anonymous said...

i go through phases. first, we rarely buy new clothing. sometimes we buy socks for karl, and for the holidays this year i got a couple of organic cotton bras and new corduroy pants. that is about the extent of our purchases for clothes.

we are extremely lucky to have a lot of friends who hand-down to our children, and even buy them beautiful new items from time to time.

i, too, sew my daughter's dresses and she loves it.

i have many dresses i have sewn for myself but now that i am past my maternity phase i am looking for a new pattern. for the first time in 7 years i am not planning on ever expanding my waistline!

i repair what i can.

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

tansy- you sure are a neat woman! i so admire you ingenuity and creativity. keep on keepin' on, the world needs women like you.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh, Thanks for the link. I have
so many socks that need darning
and I've wanted to learn. I did
pick up some darning thread at
a thrift shop a couple months
I also like to redesign clothing.

I posted about using a table cloth
for clothing and I seen someone
on Wardrobe refashion who did just that recently. I decided to make grocery totes with the one I have up on my blog.

My mil's mother made her and her sister a curtain dress b/4 many years ago. She was so embarassed when her mother would say they were made from a curtain. They were beautiful though she said.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

FairiesNest said...

Great tutorial! I have a darning egg that belonged to my great grandmother and now I know how to use it!

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