Sunday, February 22, 2009


sundays are supposed to be for relaxing, aren't they?!

i made a double batch of noodles and froze 2/3 of them for friday's dinner...spaghetti w/meaballs. yum! i love my pasta maker. jaden loves to help with it. we ate 1/3 of them in some turkey noodle soup...i simmered down the turkey carcass leftover from hanksgiving finally. it was delicious. everyone begged for seconds.

then, greg butchered 6 of our remaining 12 broilers (yay) and i gutted and bagged them. that was a long time coming!

i've planned the week's meals, updated the homeschool schedule and finished up the next month's posts for herbal roots. now, it's time to get dinner going. never time for relaxation around here!

i have decided to try prepping the week's meals on, if i want noodles made, i'll do them. this week i hope to can my remaining amount of pintos so i won't need to worry about beans, although i could have put them on the woodstove to simmer all day. however, we had pots of water on there all day boiling while the butchering was going on so i wouldn't have been able to do that. i love cooking on the woodstove! i'm finally learning the burning personalities of different kinds of wood...i hope next year we have enough stored ahead of time that i can pick and choose as i need them.

i am behind on tapping the maples. must do that tomorrow. can't afford syrup prices any longer!

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Alan said...

We have been using that method of cooking for a while now. It's great. We try to get 2 weeks of dinners done in a day. We bag things up as a complete meal and freeze it (except for the few fresh things you need to add the day of). In the morning we get something out to thaw, and at dinner time it's usually only about 30 minutes of prep and a nice dinner is ready. That way we can have good sit-down family meals almost every day without using up half the day in planning and prep.

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