Friday, March 6, 2009

bought to last

generally, i am a tightwad. i dont spend a lot on anything. my shoes for the past 8 years have come solely from the thrift shops. i stick with sandals and thom mccans that have almost zero heels because my feet cramp very easily and wearing any heels at all leaves me in misery all night long. ever wake up with a foot cramp in the middle of the night...while nursing? not fun. in the winter, i still wear mules and sandals because i cannot find boots comfortable enough to keep my feet from misery. when i take care of the animals, i wear rubber boots.

my latest pair of shoes are coming apart. the stitching has come out and the elastic has broken on the buckles. i have always coveted the earth by kalso shoes. so, i finally bit the bullet, used a bit of my tax money and bought myself a pair of shoes and boots.

i LOVE my new shoes. they will probably last me the rest of my life. they have the reverse heel technology so the front is actually higher than the heel. the company i bought them from is the best ever. they ship for free and if you're not satisfied, you return them at their cost. plus, the shipping is quick. on monday, i ordered 3 pairs (to try sizes/styles) and they arrived on wednesday. yesterday, i ordered 1 more pair to compare sizes/colors) and it is scheduled to arrive TODAY. wow! they sell more than earth shoes so if you're in the market for any type of shoe, definitely check out zappos!

i broke my compact pledge for this but i had planned on buying them with this tax money even before the rejoining the compact. this was definitely a high need item, even though there was a bit of want mixed it, it truly was necessary for my feet's health. that is justifiable. had i chosen to keep 2 different styles of shoes, that would not have been! plus, both pairs i chose are on sale right now.


Anonymous said...

i had never actually seen the earth shoes, though i have heard people talk about them a lot.

they re lovely and desirable, but i can't imagine them lasting for me. they seem either shiny/ dressy or suede/ cloth absorbent. you have seen them in person, do they seem like they will wear well in garden, mud and muck?

i guess i can just order some and see for myself and return them if i dont like themlol! i had not thought of that advantage of zappos! great idea.

tansy said...

tabitha - i'll still go barefoot or wear my old sandals in the garden and save these shoes for when i leave the farm.

i have a friend with the exact style/color i ended up selecting and she has had them for several years. while they are not shiny anymore, they have held up well and even though they look broken in, they still look nice. they are excellent quality.

as for the suede boots, i'll be spraying a water proofer on them to keep them in good condition and again, i won't be wearing them around the house, just when i go out in the winter (as opposed to wearing my rubber boots out).

Gina said...

Love the style! I have a pair of earth shoes and they have lasted me for several years. Like you, I wear cheap flip flops or bare feet in the garden, so I am not sure how they would hold up there.

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