Saturday, March 21, 2009

two days in a row!

today i was away at a festival all day and greg took the little ones and his oldest boy to the river to watch the kayak races. when i got home, i discovered a black lamb in the pasture! one of our elusive navajo churros had a beautiful little lamb. we (my friend rebekah who i rode to the festival with) think it's a girl, we didn't do the tail lift but couldn't see any spare dangly parts. it has a splotch of white on its cute!

i'm worried about the pyrs getting it, it seems to have imprinted on one and thinks it's her mama and keeps trying to nurse it while her real mama licks it off. hopefully greg will be home soon and we can get mama and baby into the barn (rebekah and i tried but were unsuccessful).

i'm at the festival tomorrow too but i'm hoping i'll get pictures before i go so i can post soon.

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