Friday, March 6, 2009

good tired

today it got up to 80. lovely. my day was very relaxed:

hooping practice in am (good exercise)
knife throwing practice in am
2 loads of laundry on the line
garlic weeded
strawberries weeded
3rd bed weeded and sown with peas, cabbage, carrots, spinach, radishes, lettuce mix, rainbow chard
herb beds cleaned out
nettle seeds sown

jaden wasn't feeling well and sent most of the day vegging in front of the tv and sleeping, poor thing. i hope she feels better soon. sage 'helped' in the garden. he and i still aren't feeling 100%. i'd say we're about 85% right now.

i know i'll sleep good tonight, provided sage lets me. the kid is 2 1/2, shouldn't he be sleeping through the night by now???? (ha, i think jaden waited another 6 months or so before she got there).

we have been sleeping down in the living room for a few months now. we lay down the futon mattress plus the papasan cushion and 2 big throw pillows and make a huge mattress. it's so much nicer than our double sized bed upstairs! we really need a larger mattress. until then, it's been kind of nice living on one floor. i maybe get upstairs twice a week now, usually to get some clothes to wash and take a shower. we bathe very little in the winter, once or twice a week is really pushing it. our skin thanks us for it, we don't have any dry, itchy, flaky skin that we used to have when we showered/bathed every day or so. our water bill thanks us too. but, being downstairs makes me think of space requirements. our home is 2000 square feet. before we lived here, it was 900 square feet. of course, we were merging families and went from 3 full time living in that space to 7 living there at least 50% of the time. now, we have 8 to juggle. jaden and sage sleep in our bedroom and all their toys are downstairs in the playroom. 3 of the older kids have their own room upstairs and all their belongings are up there too. we are going to have a huge shift in family dynamics in 3-6 years when the older 4 spread their wings and fly the nest. granted, they most likely will go to college and will be around part time but it's going to open up a whole lot of space. i suppose our younger two will end up with their own rooms but i kind of like having the sleeping space separate from the playing/living space. i'd be open to just putting them in 1 room for sleeping purposes only and allowing the other 2 rooms be used for other will definitely become greg's full time office (he shares a room with his son right now for that purpose). the other i could invision as being a rental room. it's hard to say. we have lots of dreams we want to fulfill once the older kids are on their own. dreams we'd love to see now but cannot due to custody restraints and financial restraints. ahhh, life. who knows where it will take us!

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