Friday, March 6, 2009


-when hidden from the rest of the household, ONE bag of dove chocolates can last me an entire month. (when not hidden, it may last one DAY.)

-the bare earth feels wonderful on my feet after being tucked away in socks all winter long.

-the peeps of the peepers is music to my ears. spring! it's here!

-i have missed plunging my hands into the earth and feeling the coolness and goodness of it all.

-i have missed the quiet meditation that comes with working the earth. such peace is found in my garden.

-hooping, while addictive, is like learning to play the have to toughen up key body parts and wince your way through it until you do. knife throwing on the other hand, doesn't really have the same problem but can be just as frustrating. thank goodness there's yoga!

-everything seems better when it's 76 degrees outside and the window is open, letting in fresh air, sunshine and a gentle breeze.

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