Monday, March 9, 2009

homeschool schedule

thanks to all the illnesses running amuck the past few weeks, our homeschool schedule went out the window. we need to get back into the routine!

i've finally ordered teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons so i'm waiting for that to arrive. also, i'm waiting for our primer set of math-u-see to arrive so we can begin doing some formal math.

in the meantime, this week, without having had the time to order in books from the library, we'll focus on:

the days of the week. i think she has most of the song memorized but we'll keep singing it anyway.

months of the year. i could swear i've heard a song with the months of the year so i'll try to unearth that and start working on that as well.

for geography, i have the book 'this is paris' by m. sasek. we'll read that and look at some maps of france.

for language, we'll practice counting 1-10 in french and spanish. i also have the song tout doucement by feist which is a lovely little song. i'm working on memorizing the lyrics in french and have a basic understanding of them so we'll work on learning this song as well. if i had a theme song, this should be it, it really has such a lovely meaning to it.

for history, we'll probably read the next chapter in story of the world. i'm loosely doing this book right now just to familiarize her with it.

for spelling/reading readiness, we'll spell words using our bananagrams game pieces.

a page of copywork for writing practice. she does a line a day. also, perhaps writing to her friend kassi. she has loved getting mail from her friend and enjoys writing and drawing pictures to send back to her.

we'll do some of the chickweed packet to learn about herbs. she gets immersed in herbal stuff all the time but i think it's a good memory enhancer for her.

we'll start some seeds, spend time outside, take care of our animals, etc. play with clay, color and work on some crafts. maybe do some more fingerknitting.


Sarah said...

For the months song, were you thinking of "30 days hath September etc?" We learned that by rote when I was in the infant class. We also had single lines to describe each month like "April showers bring May flowers" and "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb". You could make up your own sentences to describe your months.

Gemini said...

There was a months song in this book of songs we had called "Musical Notebooks." You sang the months for the first verse and the second verse was the "30 days hath september" rhyme. Also in the book was a song about days of the week, the states, money, the planets, a poem put to music, prime numbers, and I think a couple others.

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