Friday, August 27, 2010

does that make me crazy?

jaden has been taking ballet since january and loves it. adelena has wanted to take ballet for years and finally, the schedule works out for her to take it as well. our local ballet studio offers a 'family plan' cap at $57 per month. jaden costs $37 for her class, adelena half of that and adelena's jazz class is $1.50 as it caps at the $57. well, the studio offers an adult beginner ballet class, the same night and during the same time as adelena's class so i'm seriously considering signing up. it would be a great way to work on my posture (all my life i've had horrible posture and i've been trying hard lately to correct that) and the class is free so why not?! and the fun thing is, adelena is getting big enough that we can swap leotards and skirts. :)

adelena was telling me i have shave my armpits. phooey i say! hairless pits make a good ballerina not. or something like that. at least the tights will cover up the jungle on my legs, lol.

on a similar note, i've been considering dreading my hair lately....i wonder if there are any dreadlocked ballerinas?

i'm looking forward to it, i think it will be fun to do something w/o kids around, get a bit of exercise and do something i've wanted to do my whole life (my mom never enrolled me in ballet because my sister who was 4 years older than me tried ballet and didn't like it so she assumed i wouldn't either and never bothered to give me the option).

so, although i have a ton of stuff to do and i'm trying to cut back, i'm adding on to my schedule. yes, i must be crazy!

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Maria said...

You aren't crazy at all! This sounds fabulous! Toby and I just started Tae Kwon Do last year and love it! And I have a male friend who started taking ballet a few years ago... he was definitely the oldest one there, but he fell in love with it and now goes on tours and everything! Good for you!!

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