Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th Baby

happy birthday to my sweet friday the 13th baby. she is 6 today. she never stops amazing me with her intelligence that is so beyond 6 years of life. just this week she sewed for the first time and did a great job. i showed her how to sew 2 stitches and she took off, sewing 3 sides to a square to make a sachet.

she can cook, wash dishes, help with the laundry, milk a goat and so much more. she begs me to 'do school' every day. she loves the one-on-one time of just sitting and doing. when we don't have time to sit down and do formal schooling, she creates books and games and anything else she can think of. 

she sings and dances like there's no tomorrow. she's a princess and a queen (drama) but so sincere and lovable. she has taken me on a ride from the day she was born and for that i am thankful for. she is my light and joy and inspiration. 

she loves pink and red and green and all the colors in between. she loves to help me with everything i do, is afraid to go upstairs alone, has lost 2 teeth this past year and is currently wearing 1 earring because the other ear hurt and she didn't want the earring back in. 

she can't go to sleep w/o me snuggling up with her at night (or sometimes her dad) and usually ends up in bed with us at night. she insists on being carried down the steps in the morning when she wakes and loves french toast, pancakes with fruit in them, playing with barbies (why, oh why did feral cheryl go out of production?!) and ballet lessons. 

she started talking at 10 months of age, potty trained herself at 22 months of age and insists on speaking to every person i talk to on the phone. she loves music: miley cyrus, michael franti, feist, alanis morrisette  and john denver, singing along whenever it's playing on my ipod (ok, i cringe when i hear miley cyrus but some things you gotta do for your girl, right?!) and begging me to 'turn it up' when any of these artists are playing. 

this little girl owns my heart and she knows it!


Ron said...

She sounds just like our pride and joy at that age. :)

It is truly remarkable, I think, how homeschooling can result in such advanced growth at an early age. Then again, I compare our hen-raised chicks to human-raised chicks, and there is no comparison... so I guess it shouldn't be a mystery.

I fixed Abby's mp3 player the other night with a wad of aluminum foil and got to be her hero for a bit longer... :)


comfrey cottages said...

what a wonderful tribute to Jaden! wish her happy birthday from me will you please! she is such a little mini you, kristine! xx

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