Sunday, August 8, 2010

summertime rolls

this summer has gone by in a whirlwind. our shabby garden has gone by the wayside to weeds. there is still some basil and tomatoes struggling i think but everything else has given up. weeds reign supreme.

i think i have a buyer for the sheep. i'm working out pricing and then details of when to pick up. i'll miss them but it's for the best. we don't have time to deal with shearing and working with the wool. i'm still working on getting rid of 2 more bucks and then debating on selling off a doe. the problem is, i'd have to sell my #1 milker because the other two are so attached, i don't think it would fare well if i separated them. so, i may just keep all 3 and the main buck. to breed or not to breed, that is the question! i suppose i should and then i can always dry them off in the spring if i don't want to start milking again. it's good to have it to fall back on though.

i've been cranking out soap, using the goat's milk for that. and oatmeal in 3 blends. it's very nice. it makes a great filler when i don't have much else to sell at the farmer's market.

older kids are gearing up for back to school, younger kids are continuing on with school. we don't break for summer but we don't do school daily either so it all balances out.

i'm lonely as heck w/o my best friend here. we talk on the phone about once a week but it's not the same as getting together weekly and just having that adult hang time while the kids tear up the house. she is doing well and settling in nicely in nz. i'm happy for her but sad for me. all my friends of the past few years have drifted off it seems. school, jobs, babies, etc....they all have lives now! i feel stuck and in a rut, with no meaning to what i'm doing anymore. how did i get so burnt out? i suppose high expections and low returns had something to do with it.

one of the cars is in the shop and may be doomed for the junk yard. we'll need to replace it with something used and newer and more reliable. then there's the stove pipe that has to be replaced before winter. ugh. finances suck.

greg is steadily working on the bunkhouse/greenhouse. i'm hoping to be able to plant some winter crops in there...time will tell if he can get it done in time for that. if not, it will hopefully be ready for spring seedlings.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like our garden this time of year - luckily the tomatoes don't seem to mind the neglect, I can barely keep up with them. Just too much on our plate (and too little return on the veggies at market) to devote time to a garden rescue right now - the quilts and the eggs are where we're focused.

Stephanie said...

my garden has gone this way also. On top of being the the one working I just didnt have the energy to put in 100% and it shows. Im just burned out also and confused at times. I've taken up to letter writing to combat the loneliness. While I would love to have people closer to me I just take my friends as they come, whether its southern Illinois, Montana or Puerto Rico. And getting mail that isnt a bill is refreshing too.

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