Saturday, August 28, 2010

organic sister giveaway

tara over at organic sister is offering a giveaway of one of her beautiful photograph prints. my favorite is queen anne's lace at sunrise, it is simply stunning!

tara is a blog i've started following recently and i am in love with it! she, along with her husband and son live in an rv and travel around the country so basically, i am living vicariously through her as this has been my dream for 18 years. when i was younger, i didn't have the nerve and at the moment i am restricted to living in one place but in 5 years, watch out because all bets are off and travel is #1 on my to-do list!!

i am in complete awe of tara and justin's ability to travel and make a living from offering their skills, something i've been working on doing myself for the past few years. i think what they are doing is terrific and i am hoping greg and i can have a similar life of our own very soon. what i think is so great about their choice in living is that they are able to recognize that they have valid skills to offer to the world and they travel around doing so. look over their services and see if there's anything they can do for you! i hope to someday meet this awesome family!

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