Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the outdoor hour summer challenge #9

while we are outside every day to work and play, i thought it would be fun to try out some of these outdoor hour challenges to boost our science/nature studies. our science curriculum came to a screeching halt because we need to get earthworms but it's been so hot that they have all migrated deep down. hopefully we'll be able to pick it back up in the next week as it is supposed to be cooling down and we have been enjoying the science curriculum.

i'm behind on the outdoor hour but i liked this particular challenge because we have a lot to work with here.

we found jimson weed/datura blooming and glowing in the dusky light. it was hard to get a good photograph with my camera but we captured a few. this was the best:

we also have lots of evening primsrose blooming but it never seems to bloom until dawn, go figure. these pictures were taken early in the morning:

we looked up and saw our bats flying about. i forgot to get a photo of that but i'm sure my camera would not have been able to capture them well anyway.

jaden and sage both had a great time capturing a night time insect...lightning bugs! i didn't get any photos of that either because of another night time insect that was eating me alive....mosquitos!

we'll be following this up today with a nature journal entry and we'll go out and sketch the plants in the daylight as well. also, we'll view some flowers that only bloom in the morning such as morning glories, chicory and spiderwort.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Love your photos in this entry...it sounds like you had a great time completing this OHC. It has been hot here to and the evenings are much better to be outdoors. Of course, we have no mosquitoes...sorry to hear you have to deal with those.

I hope to see another challenge soon. Thanks for sharing your link.

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