Thursday, November 25, 2010

phase 1 complete

 i've been working on my boho gypsy upcycled sweater coat after drooling over the amazing coats some women sell on etsy that are way over my price range (totally worth the price but still unaffordable). 3 trips to the thrift shop scored me enough sweaters to make at least 1 coat and probably enough leftover for a 2nd coat for sage. jaden and adelena's coats will be different colors of their choosing, most likely red for jaden and purple for adelena...perhaps i should have started with their coats to get the hang of it and then move on to mine but so far, so good. of course, i've only done the easy part...the sleeves!
so phase 1 is complete and now i will start on phase 2, the hood. i plan to work in phases so it is completely wearable between phases, a work in progress. once it's completed, i intend to make a liner out of something warm and soft, flannel perhaps. it most likely will be patchwork as well. i want the liner removable so i can wear the coat fall - spring, a 3 season coat of sorts.
i love that this sweater has pockets so i'll be removing them carefully and reattaching them to the coat once it is finished. i also plan to sew pockets on the inside too.

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