Monday, November 29, 2010

to everything a purpose

i am bummed to hear that wardrobe refashion is shutting down. i had hoped to sign up for it on the next go around. oh well. it's not the end of the world. just cuz i can't join a website doesn't mean i can't refashion. and refashion i have been doing!

all are works in progress but a lot of fun. a friend is lending me her serger so i'll be in sewing heaven this week!

this is a sweater that had a turtle neck that i removed. it is also a medium adult size but must have been shrunk in the wash because it was too small for me. so, it is in process of becoming either a sweater dress with layered sleeves (like my coat) or possibly even a sweater coat. the colorful stripy sweater behind her on the chair is going to become part of the sleeves and maybe a ruffle around the bottom or a hood.

greg has liners for his boots but he is missing one and the remaining one has a hole in the foot so i chopped it apart at the seams and used it for a template to make a new pair out of old wool socks that have holes in them.

i have part of the hood pieced together but am waiting on the serger before i sew it so i won't have to sew it twice.

of course, i'm still not thinking about solstice which is only 3 weeks away....sigh. denial is a sad, sad thing.


Anonymous said...

I had not heard about the refashion shutdown - how sad. =(
Love how you are creating boot liners from the one. I need to create one from scratch for our boots this winter; use Martha Stewarts slipper pattern or something.

karisma said...

Wow! How sad! I joined Nikki last year in Sydney and had a ball playing in the Wardrobe Refashion stall. Made some lovely friends that day too. Happy to say though that the concept is fast catching and many of my friends have taken to refashioning.

Gina said...

I so hear you about solstice. no exception this year, but time seems to speed up more and more. I have been so busy and traveling every other week and have just lost touch with everyone!

Creative reuse of the socks!

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