Monday, January 26, 2009

Available Now!

Looking for an herbal course to teach your children about herbs?

Want something fun and engaging that will teach them medicinal properties as well as how to make simple herbal remedies?

Need something that is fresh and updated on a monthly basis to keep them interested?

Well, look no further!

Introducing Herbal Roots, a monthly activity packet for kids!

Each issue is filled with stories, facts, recipes, crafts, mazes, word searches and much more. A calendar of daily activities is included to give ideas for herbal learning all month long. Includes chances to win free copies of the next month's issue and other great giveaways!

This month's issue is all about marshmallow. Go back in time to the Ancient Egyptians, learn to make real marshmallows, syrup, throat lozenges and much more!

And, as a premiere issue bonus, I'm going to give the person who refers the most sales a FREE copy of next month's issue! When referring customers, tell them to put your name and your blog name (if you have one) in the comments section when ordering...(be sure to list yourself as a referral when you purchase your own copy!). So, be sure and post an announcement in your blog, on facebook, myspace, twitter and in any forum you belong to! Get the word out that Herbal Roots is here!

Available NOW! through my etsy shop.


comfrey cottages said...

tansy, i went to your internet shop and the listing to the right says herbal roots (0). i clicked it and it didn't show any info, so i checked your other site and still couldn't find it! will check back in awhile! hugs

tansy said...

agh! that figures! i listed it last night but apparantly, it's not showing up in that column yet.

however, if you just stay on my main page and scroll down to the items i have for sale, it's the first listing and a featured item.

hopefully etsy will get to updating soon. that is really annoying!

comfrey cottages said...

it is showing now hon, don't fret!lol i imagine your nerves are frayed worrying about lavender. i love it! it is frustrating for me cause i have to wait till this weekend when i get some money to order it and hoping there will be a copy left! good job dear! hugs from leslie

tansy said...

yeah, she's going downhill now and i'm doing all i can but it doesn't seem to be enough. :(

last night, i had a dream that she stood up. i woke up at 2 to medicate her and was sad it was just a dream.

don't worry, i'll keep adding copies so it won't sell out.

comfrey cottages said...

glad there will be a supply of the herbal roots but so very sad lavender is failing hon. awww a dream of hope, i am going to look for a pic of lavender around your blogs, to be able to visualize while sending my healing thoughts for her
hugs to you

The Plant Whisperer said...

Hello Dear - I tried to order one and accidentally chose to pay with paypal - sorry I am new to estsy. I just wanted to pay with my regular card - can you help me change my order process?

Ananda (SpiralTraditions)
sycamoretrail @

tansy said...

hey ananda!

you should be able to pay with your card through paypal. try that and see if it works. that's the only way i have the ability to accept cards. if that doesn't work, you can just mail a check.

thanks! i hope it works...the downside of using etsy is they don't take cc.

The Plant Whisperer said...

Well, I am totally confused :) I don't see a way for me to pay through pay pal using an alternate payment method - but it's possible I'm just computer overloaded today!
Perhaps you could just cancel that order - and I will make a new one and use a new payment method. Probably a check.
Thanks and sorry about that!

tansy said...

ananda -

i sold myself a copy just to see what goes on when you get to paypal...i really wish they were more user friendly. here's what i figured out...

i noticed when i got to my shopping cart, there is a green button on the bottom left side that says 'pay with paypal' and to the right of that it shows a paypal logo, then visa, mc, discover and amex. to the right of that it says use paypal for credit cards and below that are the highlighted, clickable words 'need paypal help?' if you click that link it gives you instructions on how to do that turns out to be too big of an issue for you, let me know and you can just send me a check, no need to cancel this transaction. the instructions are on etsy so hopefully, they are pretty easy to follow. i've found most of etsy's help stuff pretty easy to follow.

sorry this is such a pain. computers can be great but they can be annoying too!

Anonymous said...

this looks so great- putting it on list to buy for today- congrats it looks right up our alley!


Stephany said...

I really love it!

The funny thing is that as an herbalist, I never have taken time to sit down and translate my knowledge into lessons for the kids.

Now I don't have to, thanks a bunch for saving me a lot of time.

The Plant Whisperer said...

OK, I figured it out :) amazing what a couple good night's sleep will do! It was filed as an etsy 'invoice'. I had to transfer funds in to my Pp acct, and then I will pay through that. It will take a couple days, but it gives me something to look forward to!
Hope this helps anyone else with the same conundrum.
Green Blessings

tansy said...

hey ananda -

for future reference, if you have a pp account that already has a verified bank account/cc set up with it, you can just select pay and if the funds are not already in there, it will automatically withdraw the funds from your account and pay the seller immediately so that you won't have to wait. that used to throw me when i first started using pp. pp is handy but clear as mud! it's especially fun trying to locate answers to any questions that come up.

oh, and i tried to email you through the email address you have in your etsy account and it bounced back to me...can you verify it is the correct address? (i don't want to put it on this comment for all the world to see).

thanks! (after all this, i hope you feel the book is really worth it!) ;)

The Plant Whisperer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
comfrey cottages said...

yippee i got it ordered now! can't wait to see it! thanks so much hugs from leslie

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