Thursday, January 8, 2009

what a way to spend the day...

hooping and dancing and singing with the kids. exhausting but a blast! (except for poor sage who kept running into the spinning hoop....not a good combination considering it's right at face level for him).i've been spending most of our days trying to get back into a routine of life around here that includes housecleaning, laundry, homeschooling, crafting and play. there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day for everything we want to do!
jaden has been playing with clay and drawing pictures of fairies, unicorns and other fantastical things. sage lays on the floor and intently plays with his cars. he loves car and tractors. nina was into needle felting until she lost 1 needle and broke the other one. i need to get some ordered asap for her. caleb has been into legos and writing all things eragon into his handmade leather journal that nina and i made him for solstice.
it's been a chilly winter with very little snow but the wood stove has been keeping us quite toasty. sure beats the $600 monthly gas bills of past!


Kathie said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

The thing I like about using a wood stove is the varying degrees of heat. I like that the living room where the stove is, is rather toasty - warmer than we would keep it if we were using natural gas, but that the bedroom is cooler and my sewing room cooler yet... I suppose some folks wouldn't like that - but to me its the best benefit of using a wood stove.

karl said...

i have been known to wax on about the glories of wood heat. the only thing that i would remove from the mix is the dirt that gets dragged into the house. the wood bark on the floors to the heavy layer of dust that collects everywhere.

otherwise i like the rest of the process. i like cutting wood, splitting it, stacking it and i especially love how comforting a huge pile of wood looks stacked queued and curing for next winter.

having wood heat affords us to keep our house much warmer than we normally could. babies learning to crawl need to not be encumbered with heavy clothes. although tabitha's beautifully knit sweaters on little-uns are a glorious thing.

the childrens herb periodical seems like a fabulous idea. imo, the more fairies and magical creatures the better. pdf for us is great.

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