Thursday, January 22, 2009

before i forget

i post every thursday at women not dabbling in normal. this week, i wrote about making herbal cough drops. if you haven't been there before, check it out! every day of the week feature a different writer and every week features a different theme. there's a lot of great information over there!

life here has been busy. seems like the only time i see the computer anymore is to do work. i hope all the time i've been spending getting my etsy shop going turns out to be worthwhile!

last night, sage and jaden were dancing in the living room and it got a little rowdy. jaden pushed sage and he fell and hit his eye brown on the edge of the tv cabinet. it was rather dark and he came running in to me and crying and i picked him up and he started nursing...after awhile, he got down and my oldest daughter exclaimed 'look at his face.' at first i didn't see it and said it was just his hair covering his eye. then, i noticed lots of blood. he had gashed open his eyebrow, a gash about 1/2" long. it had already stopped bleeding and he refused to let me clean it off. greg got home a bit later and coaxed him into his lap so he could clean it off. i offered a butterfly suture and that was that. this morning, it's swollen and i'm sure that's gonna leave a mark but he's acting as though nothing happened. kids! they are so amazingly resilient, aren't they?!

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