Sunday, January 25, 2009

Code of Ethics

in my master naturalist classes, we had to write our own code of ethics. although it's supposed to be geared towards m.n., i feel like it's my own personal life code of ethics...

Mother Earth will be my classroom.

The sky will be my ceiling

The ground will be my floor

The trees will be my walls

The sun and moon will be my luminance

The plants will be my carpet

I shall use her infinite beauty to bring children to life:

To wake them up with the delicate patterns of butterflies, leaves, flower petals and snake skins;

To nurture them with textures of rock, tree bark, soil, clouds, animal fur and bird feather;

To heal them with ripples of water, dances of barn swallows, lighting of fireflies, gazing of stars and buzzing of bees;

To instill in them a wonder of nature, a pride in preserving, a joy in reclaiming, a respect for all living creatures big and small;

I will teach through story telling, nature walks, peaceful activities and gentle observance:

How to heal

How to reclaim

How to give back

How to respect

That which we have damaged, destroyed, taken from, been intolerant of and turned a blind eye to.

And to open the eyes of the youth of today, tomorrow and yesterday to all the glory that surrounds us that we must protect for the greater good of all.


fullfreezer said...

That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Gina said...

I concur-beautiful code of ethics!

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