Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'm in love

check out this etsy seller's stuff. it is amazing. i wish i had 2k to blow on frivolous items because this would be the first:
along with a few of these thrown in for good measure:


TalaMuir said...

oooh! me too!! those are beautiful!!!

Stephany said...

Okay, why is it whenever I look at something like that my first reaction is always. "It is cool but, I could do that for a heck of a lot less than $xxxx!"

Keep posting pictures, though. It was you who posted the first needle felted playscape I ever saw and lots of littles are very happy you did.

I think I could pull off the smaller piece with stuff I have around the house...

tansy said...

stephany - yeah, definitely it wouldn't take 2k to make something like that but i can appreciate all the time and effort and thought that she put into it! i was looking at it thinking, how did she do that....could i do that??? but i do love it and wish i could afford things like that at times. :)

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