Wednesday, January 28, 2009


'where my 'poon go mama?' - sage wanting his spoon back to drink his tea with. i love 2 year old talk.

in wintery news, WE GOT SNOW!!!! i don't really care for cold weather but i feel that if i've got to deal with it, there ought to be pretty and fun snow around. this is our first snowfall of the winter. pretty pathetic, isn't it?!

lavender is still with us. no changes. seemingly paralyzed. definitely not milk fever...i did an intense treatment over a 24 hour period with no improvements at all. i'm back to the penicillin and b-complex regimine plus i've strated treating for deerworms as a precaution. unfortunately, if it is deerworms, even if she recovers chances are she'll be too weak to walk ever again.

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comfrey cottages said...

is lavender the lighter colored goat hon? so sorry there has been no improvement in her condition. poor thing and poor you worrying about her! sending hugs

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