Monday, May 12, 2008

the aliens are taking over

i found this on our cedar tree. there are about 6 or so over the entire tree. i have never noticed it before and it is kind of creepy looking. it reminds me of some alien life form, it is sort of slimy.

anyone ever seen them before? will i be alive to read the comments from this post????


Brad Carter said...

Weird! How are they held up there? Are they just kind of lying in the branches? Or hanging?

I hope you figure out their weakness before they attack.

karl said...

fear not:

we have them here, too. watch your apple trees!


Danielle said...

My first though was some sort of fungi and then the sick, food obsessed part of me thought...I wonder if it is edible! I know, I'm a freak. Then I looked at the link Tabitha sent and I still thought...I wonder if you can eat it. There is no hope for me.

knitsteel said...


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