Saturday, May 3, 2008

vacuum sealer

ya'll pulled through for me on the pasta maker suggestions....i got an atlas and i LOVE it!

now, i need your help on vacuum sealers. anyone had any experience with them? what do you love and why?


shannon said...

I have a very basic one, and I do really like the way it preserves greens and veggies - it can be a bit tempermental, but it always eventually works. :)

karl said...

i have a foodsaver- is this the type of device you mean? it sucks, and when i say it sucks i mean not literally. it makes my existence less perfect simply because i have it in my house. occasionally i will be dumb enough to try to use it but always i am let down and ruined by its crappiness.

i have been on the phone with the losers who made it many times, and they suck too.

plus, the damned stuff is outrageously expensive and no reusable in any way.

if this isnt the device you mean, my apologies. lol.

i have hidden mine from myself so i never use it again.


Gina said...

It is scary how "in sync" we are! I was just discussing these with Sr last night. I was thinking the foodsaver one because I see the access. aroud a lot, however, I'll have to keep Karl's comment in mind and keep researching too!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I have a foodsaver and I like it. I don't find the bags to be reliably reusuable though-sometimes a reused one seals and sometimes it doesn't.

What I love is using the canning jar attachment. This does not make things shelf stable like real canning does-rather think of it as a way to use canning jars and the lids (not the rings)as a type of vacuum sealed tupperware. You can package leftovers etc in there, vacuum seal, and they will last 2 to 3 X as long. I really only use the bags for things that are being frozen. For everyday stuff I use canning jars! Oh-and unlike regular canning you can reuse the lids over an over.

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