Monday, May 12, 2008

a reprieve

the weather here has been windy and soggy. all my tomatoes are looking sad. drooping beyond belief. i'm hoping it's just because we got about 5" over the past 4 days. i can't get into 95% of the garden and the other 5% needs the manure tilled in before i can work there. i've been weeding te raised beds to prepare them for the pole beans. several of the yard long beans that fell to the ground last fall are sprouting. i'll move them to one section and let some grow. we eat them steamed or sauteed and freeze most of the pole beans for winter consumption.

opening day at market was great fun. money wise i did well and spending 4 hours away from sage was a mini holiday! that boy is tiresome. i was able to offer a variety of addition to my herbal products i also had eggs, 4 herbal jellies (violet, dandelion, lilac and peppermint) and live herb plants.

we are considering buying two navajo-churro ewes from missouri. their ears have been chewed but they are still as cute as can be. i'm waiting to hear back on what the deposit fee is. we had talked about using electranet fencing to contain them but we are also considering using hog panels. we would just need 4 and could move them daily or as needed to 'mow' our yard. as a bonus, i'd get to stop by and see karl and tabitha and crew! since they live close by. (that is if they'd want the company ;). here are some pictures of the cutey pies:
i love n-c sheep. they come in a rainbow of sheepy colors and some have 4 horns. we'll have lawn mowers, wool for spinning and stuffing toys and meat.


hillbilly2be said...
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karl said...

we would love your company!!


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