Thursday, May 22, 2008

field trip!

i took the kids to look at some goats a friend is selling today. we left at 8 am and got home at 6pm. it was a great break from the everyday mundane...

first, the goat shots. i'm hoping to get 3. 2 are first time fresheners and 1 was born this year. they are half or more lamancha so i've got to sell greg on the elf ears. i milked both and the milk was very sweet and delicious!

this is snowball. at this point, i'm undecided about her. her teats are tiny and her bag small. her hind end is narrow too.

this is the doeling i'm interested in. mostly because she has horns. they missed her when they were disbudding. our herd is horned.

snowball headshot. (the name would definitely change).

this is cinnamon (her name would have to change too, can't have 2 cinnamons). i am sold on her. she was easy to milk, even being a first time freshener, her teats were larger and hind end wider.


tori doesn't usually milk her first time fresheners. yesterday, she put both on the stand to see what she could get. they freshened in feb and mar. snowball gave 1 1/4 cups. cinnamon gave 3 cups. the kids were not removed from either of them prior to the test. i think cinnamon had twins and snowball a single birth. so, cinnamon at this point seems very good. snowball came from good lineage so she could be better with time and the right feed (neither is on the poundage for milkers).

now, on to the fun stuff...(ok, the goats were fun too!)

pyrenese mix puppies

mr. peacock kept showing off for the hens. the female peahen is currently setting on eggs. while the hen is away, the cock will play!

mr. duck...mrs. was setting on her eggs and a few chicken eggs.

here piggy, piggy...

jack the miniature donkey

one of 3 bunnies.

nina absolutely LOVED the horse after she got over freaking out being on him solo. she wanted me on there. i was wearing a skirt so i didn't think it would be wise.

amos is 30 years old. he was a sweet pony...

2 semi-wild icelandic horses. one of three chicken tractors they have in the pasture. they currently have another 425 chicks in the brooder. i don't recall how many were in the 3 tractors in the pasture. probably 300. they have them processed and sell them.

sage LOVED the pony. he got mad when i took him off.

jaden enjoyed him too. poor thing was foundered. i felt bad for him.


hillbilly2be said...

Wow, Tansy, all those pictures were great. That sounds like one busy farm! It sounds like you guys had a great time.


Gina said...

Wow, what a lovely day! All of the animals look so beautiful!

I wish I had taken a camera with me Thursday (on my "meet your future goats" day!!)

One of the ones I am getting is a Cinnamon too. Also, a Pumpkin and a Princess (latter is laMancha and the other two are half nubian and half nigerian dwarf. they are bred back to a mini-nubian so their kids should be better producer. All have smallish teats, so I am hoping I can milk them comfortably. The goat lady told me about some milk tool to look into (I forgot the name though!)

Glad you got to get a way for a day!

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