Thursday, May 8, 2008

life and death on the farm

we lost two goats last night. the white buckling and his mama. he was weak from day one and i kind of expected this would happen but i was shocked about his mama.

ginger was my first milk doe. i learned to milk on her and that was quite a feat as she had no patience for newbies. she'd kick and step into the milking pail. once i got good at it, she was good as gold but would treat anyone else learning to milk the same way. she was a sweet lovable doe who was gentle and loving to humans and very bold with the dog. she'd chase moonie down anytime she came near the goats.

this was going to be her last year breeding. she was headed to retirement. she was close to 8 years old.

it is a sad gloomy day here at the farm.


plantainpatch said...

I am sorry Tansy!!

karl said...

i am so sorry, she was such a friendly creature.


Gina said...

Oh, Tansy, I am so sorry about Ginger and her baby. What a shock.


Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

I'm sorry to hear that news, Tansy. We are thinking of your farm over here at the cove.

hillbilly2be said...

Awww, that's too bad, Tansy. Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow, and things will be happy on the farm. Dying is the least fun aspect of helping animals experience a sheltered favored existence.


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

So sorry, Tansy.

Maria said...

Ohhh, I'm so sorry!! Do you know what happened to mama?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. :( Farm losses are hard.


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