Sunday, May 18, 2008


logging my daily work into my garden journal, i noticed something i've kept noticing over and over this spring...things are taking longer to develop this year. i wonder why. the weather temperature wise has been pretty accommodating. maybe it's all the rain?

other odd observations:
*lilacs hardly bloomed. i wonder if this is something to do with last spring's late freeze?

*one apple tree didn't bloom

there were a few other oddities but i didn't write them down so i don't recall what they were.

anyone else noticing differences in cycles/growth?


Gina said...

Funny you should mention this. I just said this weekend that I thought the trees were leafing out later than usual. For years (until last year) I worked as a field biologist for div of forestry and I used to tag ash trees before they leafed out. By the first weekend in May (after finals) the leaves were out enough to be able to identify them by the leaves. Our ash trees on the property are just barely leafing out (and we don't have Emerald ash borer in this township-yet). Even my young fruit trees are barely leafed out (although the older apple trees did leaf and bloom already).

Maybe it's due to the bee thing as well.

hillbilly2be said...

I too have noticed strange things! I planted some radishes, and the roots grew straight up, with the leaves buried underground. My corn is growing sideways, getting entangled in the watermelon in the next bed, which has pink leaves. My potatoes relocated themselves to a different bed. I went to check on the tomatoes, and one of them bit me. Yes, things are mighty strange around here. :)

I can't compare to last year though, since a massive frost had come through and wiped out all foliage in late spring. Now that we finally have some sun things seem to be taking off though.


Sasha said...

I've noticed this as well. Here in Indiana a sure sign of late spring is the young corn covering the fields like a comforting green blanket. I always notice it because we take a day trip every Memorial Day and gauge how the big fields of corn look compared to our little bit.

Farmers are just now getting their fields plowed, let alone planted.

Of course, it seems like our summers go later and later as well.

karl said...

same here. of course, last year was very early and the plants paid dearly for it. i think they remember!

many bis, strong trees died after last spring here.

our 3 young apples did not bloom, they did last year but again they paid dearly.

i have also noticed other little things- my volunteer sunflowers are up and big buy none of my volunteer morning glories are twining yet. this is a change from the last 2 years.


mnultraguy said...

I agree about the odd times. In MN, we are late in getting lots of things in the ground due to lots of rain and light frosts.

edifice rex said...

Well, here in Alabama, I have noticed many more flowers and shrubs blooming than I've seen the past 2 years at my place but my plum tree did not bloom at all. It had bloomed a lot the past 2 years. My garden seems to actually be coming up faster than last year but we have had several unusually late cold snaps also. ????

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