Friday, May 9, 2008

independence days - week 2

since i'm struggling to get the garden in again this year due to my rambunctious toddler, i thought taking the id challenge would be a good moral booster for me. i try to practice this idea anyway during the growing seasons so it's a great reminder of how much i really do even when it feels like i don't.

1. plant something:
sat: too cold to have the little one outside (ok, so really, i'm the wuss when it comes to cold. i was productive inside)
sun: weeded and mulched garlic and horseradish, weeded asparagus, planted 5 summer squash (a pattypan i think)
mon: planted 17 tomato plants, 1 row of carrots, 3/4 row of beets
tue: planted 34 more tomato plants
wed: planted last 4 tomatoes, planted last 20# potatoes, mulched potatoes
thur: extremely rainy day, no outdoor activities - got over 3" rain
more rain. sorted seeds to be started in the greenhouse and directed sown outside, hopefully tomorrow! planted 3 cotton plants when the rain finally stopped and transplanted holy basil into larger pots

2. harvest something:
^harvested more asparagus
^harvested some mint

3. preserve something:
^made lilac jelly
^made dandelion jelly
^made mint jelly

4. prep something:
^started list of items needed to further our cause (more supers and a spare hive or two, electranet fencing, etc)
^figuring how many chickens we need to separate to harvest eggs for hatching
^following up on milk goat leads
^bought 10 cases of jelly jars
^still searching for berkey water filter (lost an auction this week by $2.50 grumble)
^ordering more chimneys and mantles for my aladdin lamp once money is back into account

5. cook something:
^made goat stew. it was good but chewy. need to slow cook it more
^made goat chops, baked. still a bit tough

6. manage your reserves:
^placed coop #2 order
^ordered 4 turkey babies (don't know what they are called)
^picked up #1 coop order
^emailed 2 navajo-churro breeders about availability

7. work on local food systems:
^fed and watered broiler chicks several times a day (they go through food like crazy).
^emailed slow food st. louis to be added to their database
^emailed local harvest grocer to feel out interest in selling our products (and got a i need to send them a price list)
^discussed possibility of selling our eggs at local nutrition store

8. Compost something:
^every day, all our foods go into the compost bucket and get fed to the chickens who turn it into manure for the garden.
^i hold back apple cores, carrot ends and peels and a few other veggies scraps for goat treats
^the dog and cats eat most the meat/bone scraps (i feed fish scraps to the chickens for extra protein)

9. Learned a skill:
^working on perfecting butter making and pasta making
^made mozzarella balls with citric acid instead of cultured method. yum!


Di said...

I'm do you make lilac jelly? I've never heard of it but it sounds wonderful!

tansy said...

di - follow this recipe: using lilac flowers instead of violets. it will be a pale gold color when it's finished (if you use white sugar) but the taste is sublime. very subtle. i might suggest backing off on the lemon juice to maybe 1/2 of what the recipe calls as i could taste it in the final result. it was fine but still, it might have been better.

hillbilly2be said...

You sure are getting a lot done! I cannot imagine planting 20# of potatoes. I might try it next year though. :)

I did not know one could feed fish scraps to the chickens... I'll have to keep that in mind!


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