Friday, May 1, 2009

are you worried about the so-called swine fly "pandemic"?

if so, and even if not, read this:

it's fear mongering as usual, and the 'cure/prevention' for it is worse than the actual disease, causing more harm and deaths than the disease itself.


Brad Carter said...

I've been completely unworried from the beginning. Over the years I've learned not to buy in to what the media is trying to scare me with. One of these days we're going to have an actual emergency and nobody is going to take it seriously.

By the way, Happy Birthday!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I haven't made it through the article yet because I am still cracking up at the picture of the kid licking the pig's snout! :) LOL

Maybe it is an economy boosting scare people to spend money stocking up on stuff? I still have my boxes of fancy schmancy facemasks from the Bird Flu scare.

Happy Birthday! :)

Gina said...

I'm with Jennifer-the picture completely cracked me up too!

Sr has been telling me his favorite talk show people are saying this is being blown out of proportion too. I saw on the Forage Ahead group (wild foraging group) someone telling someone else not to bother with elderberry tinctures or any other herbal remedies as they are useless with this type of flu. Ok. When you hear about the probabilities of a combo of avain, swine, and human H1N1, this thing almost sounds laboratory made.

I agree with Brad-it's seems like a "cry wolf" kind of thing.

Kelsie said...

I'm already ill! There's a chance it's some form of the swine flu (I was recently exposed to thousands of people from all over the world), but I'm honestly not worried about it. I've had a low fever and I've been coughing up crap and sneezing, but it's just given me a good reason to spend the week taking care of myself and puttering around in the garden. My illness has, however, turned me into a social pariah. People run the other direction when they hear me cough.

I refused to go to the doctor and get tested because I really didn't want to become a rallying point for the uncalled-for panic that seems to be gripping the world.

tansy said...

i'm with all of you, it hasn't worried me at all but i know people who are so when i saw stephany had posted this link i thought it was good information to pass along.

gina - wha-?! snort. surely *they* wouldn't purposely set a virus loose on the public!!! seriously, no one would go that far just to make a buck, i mean, really...come on. no one is THAT greedy.


Anonymous said...

i am concerned, but not for the reason that article assumes. i almost died of influenza-induced pneumonia last year and am still weak. i can't get another flu right now. and since this is a new flu, i likely have no immunity to it specifically and cannot afford to expose myself to it.

that article is very condescending. it seems to assume no one knows what the word pandemic means and that if you are afraid of this flu strain you automatically want a vaccine and tamiflu. none of those things are true of me, yet i am staying home and avoiding contact with this virus.

it is not about the hype, it is about being realistic. especially because it is possible this is man-made. especially because if it is a conspiracy by tamiflu and vaccine agencies, avoiding the illness is the first step.

both sides of this issue are guilty of sweeping generalizations and false logic.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried and neither are my doctors. And here I thought we were supposed to get wiped out by our chickens a couple years ago with the bird flu.

Ron said...

I might be more concerned if we lived in town. The media certainly does no good by disseminating half-truths.

I can imagine the plight of the honest scientists, though. If they make a ruckus and nothing happens, they get blamed for causing hysteria. If they minimize it and it mutates into something more widespread and serious, they get blamed for not alerting people enough. And, of course, all the politics and big companies' interests muddy the waters even further.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the link. I read the whole article. We don't do flu vaxs. I didn't know about the 1976 vaccine disaster. Makes me more convinced that I will not submit my family to a vaccine rushed to market.

I loved the comment on the article to just take a walk in the sunshine. Great advice.

JoyceAnn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoyceAnn said...

Very interesting article , so glad you posted it. The media did a great job of scaring people and blowing it out of proportion.
We're taking common sense precautions , washing hands and plan to stay home if we get sick. I also have garlic , lemons and local honey on hand at all times for treating colds and flu. I'm not worried , just prepared.

~ Many Blessings~

timpani76 said...

I love your blog and I come here all the time for gardening and edible & medicinal plants info. I skipped over here from Brad Carter's blog.

I like this article, and I'm glad you posted it. I knew how many people died each year from the "regular flu" and I too was wondering "what's the deal with this flu?". This article answered many of my questions.

We never get flu shots even though our pediatrician is always trying to schedule them for us ;). I'm not ready to give up traditional medicine altogether, but I think we'll keep skipping the flu shots.

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