Saturday, May 23, 2009

the year of the buck..

ahhh...the life of a barn cat.

our third and final doe kidded this am...twin bucklings. that makes 4 bucklings this year, no doelings. what's up with that?!
this is the doe that got attacked by bees last year..she stills looks mangy from itike and mike...i think all our kids are named after junk food this year...brownie, oreo, ike & mikethe garden is going like gang busters! i have baby summer squash and zukes that should be ready to pick in a week or less. i am drooling with excitement!
the potatoes are bursting through the mulch, the onions have taken hold and the tomatoes are starting to get over their shyness of being in the dirt as opposed to the green house.
onions, onions/potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, zukes/summer squash/okra,4 rows of corn (can't see for the weeds), tomatoes

greg re-tilled the final garden area. i'll be planting like crazy over there tomorrow. the final tomato seedlings, plus a few winter squashes...butternut and spaghetti. also, i need to get the sweet potatoes in soon. they have finally rooted enough i think. i started them myself this year. very easy but next year, i need to start at the end of january i think as it is a slow process.

on the way home from market today, i shouted out 'holy shit!' as i drove by a bee swarm about 10' away from the road. they were on a stake that was hammered into a straw bale for erosion control. it looked like a giant corn dog, very odd which is probably why it caught my eye. i raced on home, we unloaded the truck, threw in the bee gear and raced off again. this is our 5th capture, 3rd this year and greg's best yet i think.our very sophisticated tool for capturing bees...a saw.waiting for the bees to settle into their new digs.the farmer sprayed ammonia today. joy.

sage learned to pedal his bike this past week. nothing's going to stop him now!


Ron said...

Your garden looks really, really nice Tansy. My zukes and summer squash are not nearly that far along.

I enjoyed all of your photos!


Gina said...

The garden does look lovely! Ours is far off from harvesting.

The bees do look like a giant corndog! I have not found a swarm since the one I chased last year when I broke my ankle. I need to check my bees; I think my hive died off this winter.

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