Monday, May 4, 2009

isn't it dandy...

i love dandelions! seeing them like this makes me smile. a few minutes after i took this pictures, sage had a hay day with them!

we've been harvesting them to make jelly (you can find the recipe here), syrup and other delicious concoctions! jaden was a big help separating the petals from the base.

the jelly is one of my favorite herb jellies. it's like a golden drop of honey in every bite.

we have been enjoying dandelions every day in salad and tea. i add the leaves to both. i hope to harvest more roots soon to roast for making dandelion chai. you can find that delicious recipe in this month's edition!

if you haven't signed up yet or missed it over the weekend, don't forget to comment on friday's post to have a chance at winning the beautiful dandelion pendant that my lovely friend rebekah made. (sorry to tease you like that on friday with her being out of town, she should be back online today!) she makes the loveliest ceramic fairies, mugs, birdhouses and pendants. don't forget that for each referral that ends in a sale that you make, i'll add your name to the pot again! the drawing ends at the end of this month.
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