Friday, May 1, 2009

happy mayday and a herbal roots giveaway!

happy mayday! is everyone making their mayday baskets to go leave on doors? this month's edition of herbal roots has a may day basket craft to put some sunny dandelions into. just remember, if you get caught, the person catching you is supposed to kiss you!this month, i'm starting an exciting partnership with an amazingly talented friend of mine who makes pottery. at the end of the month, i'll announce the winner of this beautifully handcrafted dandelion enter the contest, leave me a comment about what you like the most about dandelions.
and, for extra chances to win, tell others about herbal roots. for each person that purchases a copy of herbal roots naming you as the referring party, you'll get another chance to win!
if you can't wait until the end of the month, head on over to her store and pick one out for yourself! she has all sorts of lovelies...butterflies, dragonflies, bees, mushrooms, spirals in addition to peppermint, daffodils and violets.
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