Sunday, May 31, 2009

not buying it - week 12

(i did all this on a rainy day when greg was home to distract the kids)
-converted 2 pairs of pants to shorts for jaden and sage
-patched 2 pairs of jeans, sewed zipper back on 3rd pair
-sewed cape for nina
-sewed a dress from a women's skirt and girl's shirt and made a matching pair of bloomers with leftover shirt material for jaden
-sewed 3 bread bags (made from cloth seed sacks)
-converted a huge house dress into a skirt for me
-converted a long sleeved shirt into a short sleeved shirt for sage (it still fit in the torso but too short in the arms for him)
-mended my friend's tent fly
-refashioned a 2 piece stretch mini skirt outfit into a swim suit for me

-harvesting salads from the lawn and garden: carrots, chickweed, kale, dandelion, violet, day lily shoots, lettuce, spinach, radishes, asparagus, dill, lamb's quarters, cilantro, mint, lemon balm
-broccoli exchanged for milk
-eggs and milk from our backyard


-reusing plastic bags for trash bags

-diligently shutting off power strips each night for computer/dsl and tv/dvd player (this is especially important right now while we are incubating eggs and raising chicks with grow lights which sucks the electricity)
-making sure lights are off when we are not in the room


exercise/self improvement

-started new pasture area by tilling to prepare for seeding
-got some pots through freecycle for used it potting up plants to sell

we are on spring break

-breakfast at market

-weeds...does that count?!

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