Friday, May 8, 2009

i'm changing professions...

after today's weird storm, the garden is half under water...greg had created several hills that i had been planting in...i wish the entire garden was like that because the plants in the hills were doing good but between the hills was entirely looks like i'm growing rice instead of vegetables! the corn is completely under water since i hoed the rows in...all 280' of it!

the kids are enjoying this though. i've started work on the water pond and it is now a huge mud bath...3 of them were playing in there making mud pies, sliding around and painting themselves. they are quite a mess at the moment and banned from coming inside until they hose each other off.

the herb garden is partially under water, in places that have never flooded before in the past 4 1/2 years of living here, even with the really bad rains of october 2007. we got 2" of rain in about an hour or two. that's more than we usually see in a week or two combined.

once the storm had passed, the sun came out and acted like nothing freakish had happened...figures! i attempted to get into the garden to work but ha! no way i could do anything in all that mud and water. hopefully it will dry out enough by tomorrow that i can finish planting the first run of seeds and plants. i'm ready to work on other things!

the electric company delivered our first truck load of mulch yesterday. rebekah and i herded 6 blonde curly headed kids away (4 naked boys, 1 girl in a swim suit and 1 boy in a dress) and we all stood and watched it be dumped...right into the oat field! oye. they missed their mark by a good 3 feet, idiots. oh well, what can you do, it's free, right? we got busy working on mulching paths and got the old garden path remulched. now it's time to rip card board and create some new paths in the new garden area by the house. it's going to look so much nicer!!

things to do this weekend:

*finish planting seedlings and seeds
*mulch garden paths
*cover potatoes with straw/hay
*dig water pond
*pot up plants for market sales
*work on herbal roots website (it's getting it's own blog!)

let's hope the weather cooperates!


Gina said...

Great news about Herbal Roots (can't wait!!)

Our area somehow completely was missed by the storms (they were one county south of us) and my garden is very dry. I almost hooked up the sprinkler because all the seedlings I managed to get in are looking a bit tired already. I was hoping for rain (lots of clouds and a few sprinkles that didn't amount to much). Seems it is always either raining too much or not enough!

fullfreezer said...

We missed the early storms today but got hit right around sunset- We got probably an inch or two of rain in an hour- we were trying to drive back into town from the acreage and could hardly see where the road was.
At least I don't have to worry that my blueberries and currents that I planted this afternoon got enough water.

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