Sunday, May 24, 2009

independence days - year 2 week 4

this year i'm feeling very challenged about gardening and everything else...too much going on and not enough time for it all! i restarted the id challenge to get me going and guilt me into being busy in ways i need to be.

want to play along? visit sharon (the creator of this great challenge) to read all about it!

nothing but sunshine, headin' my way!

1. plant something
~5 lipstick pimento peppers
~12 rose tomatoes
~oregano plants (from a friend)
~boneset transplants
~anise transplants
~irises (from a friend)
~10 butternut squash
~6 spaghetti squash
~7 amish paste tomatoes
~amish pumpkins
~california poppies

2. harvest something:
~eggs (chicken and turkey)
~various leaves for making my morning tea: sage, bergamot, thyme, oregano, echinacea, motherwort, dandelion, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint
~grass from the lawn to feed to the sheep and goats
~radishes, lettuce, spinach, chickweed, dandelion leaves, kale, mint, lemon balm, cilantro, dill, borage, lamb's quarters, dianthus blossoms for salad

3. preserve something:


4. Reduce waste:
~use canvas bags at grocery store
~re-use egg cartons for our nest run eggs
~use plastic shopping bags for trash bags

5. Preparation and Storage:
~mulched paths

6. build community food systems:
~sold eggs & milk to local people
~writing june issue of herbal roots to teach children about using herbs medicinally and for food
~worked in willoughby farm for my master naturalist intern project, planted ginger and located more plants through local growers
~bartered milk for produce at market

7. eat the food:
~weeds from my garden, using lamb's quarters sprouts by the handfuls (we let a lot go to seed last year)
~spinach, lettuce, radishes, chickweed, kale, chard, asparagus, dill, cilantro, borage for salads

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